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How To Start Your Yoga Practice

How To Start Your Yoga Practice


My name is Roxanne Gan and I am a renowned Yoga Instructor in Singapore who started #foxyroxyyoga on Instagram in 2016. My love for Yoga began in 2009 my practice transformed into my passion and career.


I started creating Yoga tutorials on Instagram to provide people access to Yoga, to improve alignment, strengthen bodies, and also use Yoga as a tool to help relax and heal the mind and body. The idea was to create simple visuals and step-by-step instructions that are easily understood, and an achievable and realistic Yoga practice that can be done anytime, anywhere.


This eBook is great for people who want to improve their Yoga practice, practise Yoga poses with better safety and alignment, and this is a perfect guide for Yoga Teachers to plan sequences and themes for their classes.


Here are 60 of my favorite and most popular Yoga tutorials with 6 different themes: Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body, Spine Health, Core and Inversions.

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