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Sunset Flow @ Chihuly

1. Cancellation and Refund

There is a strict no refund and no date change policy once payment has
been made. However, if you are unable to attend the session, you may
transfer the ticket to another individual for admission and participation in the
yoga session, for the same date and time.

2. Wet Weather

In the event of forecasted wet weather before class, sessions will be
cancelled and all participants will be informed at least 1hr via phone/email
before the session start time. All yoga session bookings will be rescheduled to
the next available date with the same instructor and session type.
However, if participants have already entered the premises with their
admission tickets prior to the cancellation of class, these participants will need
to purchase a new Exhibition ticket for re-entry into the premises for the
newly-rescheduled yoga session. The new ticket will be at a special
discounted rate of $14 for Weekdays, and $17 for Weekends. Ticket pricing
includes admission to the Outdoor Gardens and Indoor Gallery.

In the event of bad weather during class, all activity is to stop, and
participants are to seek shelter immediately. There will be no rescheduling of
yoga sessions once class has commenced.
We seek your patience and understanding that the weather in Singapore is
often fast-changing, and hence you agree to attend the session at your own
risk, and with the understanding that there is to be no further rescheduling of
classes in the event of bad weather during class.



3. Safe Distancing Measures

In line with prevailing safety guidelines, all participants must bring their
own mat. 

Please be aware of the following protocols that we are required to follow:
1. If you arrive before the instructor, please be sure that you are not mingling in
a large group.
2. Once you arrive at the practice space, the instructor will divide you into groups
of 2. There will be a 3 meter space in between the groups and a 2 meter
space between each participant.
3. Masks must be kept on at all times
4. Please refrain from lingering as a group once the class is over.

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